The Adventure of Pit the Hamster  

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Do you need to get away from your everyday life, and just relax?
Then you are right on target with Froggy Castle! The motto is: “Lets go and destroy the frogs!”

You are on a journey with Pit the hamster to free the kingdom from the dreaded frogs. You will encounter numerous hilarious frogs -- every one requiring a new strategy. To aid your quest, you can find many bonus items and weapons to upgrade your hamster. If you are brave enough, you can unlock new challenges with each game difficultly.


 original and easy to learn gameplay

 hilarious characters, like Pit the hamster and the dreaded frogs

 3 additional game modes with their own highscore ranks

 50 unique levels in 5 different settings and four difficulties

 combo-point system, to reward the most cunning players

 Froggy Castle wallpapers available now on our Download-Section