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In order to win the throne for himself, the high priest has killed the Pharaoh. He ordered his myrmidons to execute the Pharaoh’s children and proper heirs to the throne, Amun and Amar, and bury them in the family’s pyramid. 

Solve a series of puzzles in order to bring Amun and Amar back to life, and to ruin the plans of the evil high priest. Your problem solving skills and quick reflexes will be necessary if you want to successfully master all 40 rounds.



  • A suspenseful story tells of Amun and Amar’s adventures
  • The Pharaoh’s children progress through four different scenarios on their journey home
  • User-friendly controls are quick and easy to learn
  • 40 exciting levels provide for long-lasting enjoyment
  • A slowly progressing learning curve makes beginning easy, while the later stages put your abilities to the test
  • Surprise obstacles (such as beetles and tornados) offer variety
  • Compare your performance to those of other players on our online high score list